High Performance Loading Systems

Automating the Food Industry

Globally leading the way in preparation for packaging. The only company offering systems to load frankfurters, sausages, cheese sticks, and other products. Align - Convey - Load cylindrical food products at speeds up to 1,800 pieces / minute enabling flexible film, can, tray, box, and jar packaging. Custom designs deliver maximum yields while maintaining product integrity and aesthetics. Increase throughput with easy operation and cleaning.

Hot Dogs

Skinless or skin-on, cooked and chilled frankfurters crafted from a variety of recipes

Curved Sausages

Natural casing sausages; skinless, soft sausages; chubs; and salamis

Vienna Sausages

Pork, beef, or veal, small frankfurters
for can insertion

Cheese Sticks

Delicate products such as fresh cheese
and soft hot dogs


Skinless, cooked and chilled hot dog for batter/frying line. Product is presented to the auto-skewer section of the corn dog fryer.

And More...

Meat sticks, pickles, and other
cylindrical products

Drake patented technology places product with the following two options:

  1. Quickly changeover versatile loading heads to precisely deliver product into a variety of pocket configurations.
  2. High-speed end-of-arm robotic tooling gently picks and places product into packaging equipment with an easy-to-operate control platform.

CE, PMMI, AMI & USDA Approved

Hot Dogs Per Day
Cheese Sticks per Day
Vienna Sausage Cans Per Day

Align, Convey and Load!!

Flexible film, can, tray, box, and jar packages are loaded up to 1800 pieces per minute

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