Tim Shrader Retires from Drake

It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that we announce that Tim Shrader, Drake’s Director of Service & Aftermarket Sales, will be retiring at the end of April. However, before he could leave, we caught up with Tim one more time to learn about his over 32 years of experience working for Drake.

Drake: “Thanks for making time for us, Tim. We’re both glad and sad to hear that you are retiring, so why don’t you tell us how it all began thirty-two years ago?”

Tim: “I started at Drake in 1990. I had been working for a local electrical contractor for eleven years and saw no room to advance there. One of my colleagues, Pete Lafferty, had just taken a job at Drake, and when the Drake Service Manager approached me, I knew it would be a good change for me and my family. I had a strong electrical background and good common sense, so I knew I would catch on pretty quickly. Plus, we had just welcomed my son into the world and my wife wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Working for Drake was the opportunity to make this happen.”

Drake: “That’s great to hear. We’re glad we were able to help you make a change in your life.”

Tim: “After about ten years working as a Drake service technician, I moved into engineering as an electrical engineer, where I designed the control systems for the Drake loaders. I thoroughly enjoyed this position.

After a couple years, the Drake Service Manager position opened up and I was asked by then-President Russ Martin to take over this position. Since I had been a service technician for ten years, it just made sense.

Well, the years passed by and I was asked to help the Sales Department as the Drake Sales Engineer. I stayed in that position for several years until the Service Manager position opened up again. Thus, I stepped back into the role of Drake Service Manager, where I have been until retirement.”

Drake: “It sounds like there have been a lot of changes during your time?”

Tim: “Absolutely. I have enjoyed the relationships I have developed with our customers over the years. I have enjoyed seeing fellow employees advance through the ranks. I am impressed by how the loader control systems have greatly improved to the point where they can pretty much handle whatever configuration a customer requests.

However, the part I will miss the most are the people! Drake will always be a part of me!”

Drake: “That’s very touching, Tim. Anything else you want to add before you retire?”

Tim: “First, I’m not completely retiring. I will still work part-time on service calls to help out as needed.

Second, I am pleased to announce that Robert Bamburg will assume my Service Manager responsibilities in his role as Director of Manufacturing and Service. Robert worked directly for me as a service technician for eight years and he has worked at Drake for twenty-six years and counting. He will do an excellent job in this role.

I am glad to leave my customers in such great hands.”

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