Drake Can Build All Loader Types

April 2022

For this month’s Drake Blog, we decided to share Tom Ivy’s thoughts about why Drake is unique. As Drake's President, Tom is a great person to discuss all things food loading. He has worked in the food industry in varying sales and leadership positions for over 30 years. This December will mark 10 years he has served as Drake's President.

Drake: Thanks for making time to share your thoughts with all of us, Tom. Congratulations on the upcoming 10-year anniversary as Drake’s President.

Tom:  It’s been an exciting ride. Drake has grown a lot in the last 10 years. We incorporated robotics into our loading technology. We designed and built several new types of hot dog loaders to better serve an even greater array of customers. We’ve even developed new products for markets beyond our core line of hot dog loaders.

Drake: That’s good to hear. So, what one thing do you think makes Drake unique?

Tom:  Honestly, I think Drake is unique for many reasons, ranging from our excellent customer service to the knowledge and experience of our engineering and shop personnel.  But, if I had to identify just one way that Drake is unique, it’s the fact that we are the only company that can build all four types of hot dog and sausage loaders. No one else currently offers all these loader options.

If you want a collator style loader, we can build that.

If you want a launcher style loader, we can build that.

If you want a singulator style loader, we can build that.

If you want a centrifugal style loader, we can build that, too.


We do whatever it takes...

Tom Ivy, Drake President

Drake: I’m sure our customers will find that information quite helpful. Would you elaborate on why Drake offers so many different loader types?

Tom:  The reason we offer multiple loading options is because we listen to each customer’s unique needs, and then build the loaders to match those needs.  

  • For customers who need the fastest hot dog and sausage loader, our collator-style loader is the perfect choice. It's capable of loading up to 1,800 franks per minute with a 98% percent fill-rate.
  • For customers who make delicate hot dogs or cheese sticks, a launcher-style loader is the right fit. It typically loads at speeds up to 1,400 pieces per minute, also with a 98% fill-rate. Plus, it has the option of either a mechanical or robotic loading head.
  • For customers who create curved natural casing hot dogs and sausages, our singulator-style loader is the best automated solution. It can load at speeds up to 400 franks per minute using our Drake Robot to place product into the packager.
  • For customers who need a loader that is both gentle on product and easier to clean, our centrifugal-style loader is a great choice. It’s our newest loader and can be equipped with either a mechanical or robotic loading head.

On top of all that, we have a great relationship with our customers. We do whatever it takes to create a custom hot dog or sausage loader that meets their product needs, in whatever space they have available. We work with customers to understand their unique product, facility, and financial needs, and then design and manufacture the best machine for their specific situation.

When you pair the fact that Drake is the only company who can design and build these four loader types with our outstanding commitment to customer service, there’s no need to look anyplace else for your food loading needs.

Drake – Your Partner in Automating the Food Industry.

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