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January 2022

Many of you know Drake for our 30-plus years of designing and manufacturing primary food handling equipment. But what is less known about Drake is our expertise in applying robotics to raw and cooked food applications.

Our robotics experience began when we incorporated FANUC robots and controllers into the design of our existing LS-style loaders in 2013. By incorporating robotics into an already proven design, we created loaders that are easier to maintain and provide additional benefits to our customers. Currently, the LS-600-R loader is in operation at several customer facilities around the world.

For more information about our relationship with FANUC and our status as an authorized FANUC integrator, check out the April 2021 Drake Blog located here.

To meet the needs of our natural casing sausage customers, we created an all-new kind of loader where robotics are an integral part of the design from the beginning - the SR-400.  For this loader type, we designed our own controls system to give the robot the exact motion necessary to pick natural casing sausages from our Intermediate Conveyor and place them into a thermoformer packaging machine.

During our many years of working with robotics, we realized the food industry needed a sanitary robot to meet the unique demands of handling raw and cooked product. Thus, we took our years of robotics expertise and built a delta robot specific to the demands of the food industry.

The Drake Robot features:

  • all stainless-steel components
  • carrying capacity of 6kg (13lbs) at full-speed
  • and, motors that are not located over the product zone

After extensive testing over many years, the first Drake Robot will soon be installed in a customer’s facility.

And our cutting-edge robotics and automation experience do not end there. We’re also working to automate the handling of raw poultry in various applications, both with robotics and with more traditional automation solutions.

So, if you have a job in your company that no one likes to do, let us help. We are more than happy to bring more than 30 years of primary food handling experience to your facility.    

Drake – Your Partner in Automating the Food Industry.

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