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Drake Will Meet Or Exceed Your Company’s Design Standards & Regional Requirements

Recently, we built and shipped a loader to a customer in Europe. Although Drake is based in the United States, we build hot dog and sausage loaders to meet customer and country-specific requirements all over the world.  

Meeting local and regional specifications is one of the first things we think about when discussing the design for a new loader. During our initial conversations with our customers about the best machine for their unique product and facility needs, we reflect on the applicable country and regional requirements. We want our customer to be confident that our equipment meets or exceeds applicable standards to operate in their country and region.

We take this responsibility quite seriously and go to great lengths to ensure compliance. An example of this are the loaders we ship to Europe. When the European Community (EC) guidelines change or when a significant design change is made to our machines, we bring independent consultants on site to inspect and verify that our frank loaders meet the applicable requirements. Although the European Community does not mandate this additional step to mark a machine as EC-compliant, we want to be certain the equipment we sell to our customers meets or exceeds applicable standards.

And it’s not just the European Community that has unique design constraints. We support customers on six continents and have a solid track record of ensuring compliance with local and regional regulations worldwide.

Further, it’s not just governmental mandates that we work hard to meet. Often times, a customer will have their own mechanical or electrical design specifications. As part of our design process, we review these customer conditions line by line to ensure we will meet or exceed them.

From the initial purchase order through the design stage and installation, we work closely with our customers to make certain they get the best hot dog and sausage loader for their money while meeting or exceeding their unique product needs and applicable design requirements.

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