Preventive Maintenance Parts

November 2021

Don’t Get Left Out In The Cold – Order Your Preventive Maintenance Parts Today

With winter fast approaching, now is the time for our customers to order preventive maintenance parts for their Drake loader.  However, some customers don’t always purchase the recommended parts package. Since we want our customers to have these components in stock when they need them to maintain operational efficiency, we decided to address some common questions.

Why should I order my preventive maintenance parts now?
The primary reason to order your preventive maintenance parts is so that you have them when you need them. With the global supply chain issues that we are all currently experiencing, there can be significant delays when our customers don’t have the necessary pieces of their loader on hand when something happens.  Don’t let your loader sit idle waiting for these essential components to arrive. Order them today so they are there when you need them.

Why should I order these parts directly from Drake?
At Drake, we have been designing and building loaders for over thirty years. When you purchase parts directly from Drake, you are ensuring that you receive high-quality products that were designed to fit your unique machine. We perform much of our manufacturing in-house, and we can often provide a quick turn-around when customers need our products fast.  Plus, we have an outstanding customer service team that can help you understand your loader’s needs.

How exactly do I figure out what parts to purchase for my loader?
Each Drake loader’s manual contains the drawings and a preventive maintenance parts list that are specific to your machine.

However, if you still have questions or need assistance, the person to talk to is Karl Swaim, our After-Market Parts Sales Specialist. Karl has over 20 years of experience in the Drake machine shop manufacturing your loader’s components. With his years of expertise, he is great at helping customers determine exactly what their Drake loader needs and how quickly we can get it to them.

As Karl puts it: “I like helping our customers. Often a customer will call me and are unsure as to what they should order. So, I look at the schematics for their machine and together we determine the essential items they need to keep their loader running great. We still have the schematics for loaders going back over 30 years, so even if the customer is not sure what they need, we can help them. 

Personally, I either machined or supervised the manufacture of many of the components on their loader now, so I like to think I’m a pretty good resource.

Just give me a call ( +1 540 569-4368 ) or shoot me an email ( ), and let me know how I can help.

Remember – they’re not spare parts, they’re "necessary parts.”

Order your preventive maintenance parts and have them when you need them.

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