The Drake Bag Loader can semi-automatically load exact counts of sausages into bags. This unit can bag skinless or skin-on, cooked and chilled frankfurters from 12 to 32mm diameters* and from 3” length (7mm) to 12” length (300mm).

The bag loader can load up to 1,500 pieces per minute of a 5” long (127mm) product with a 98% fill rate, using 3, 4, 6 or 8 manual bagging stations.

All Drake frankfurter loaders feature touch screen controls that allow for the easy addition of new recipes and rapid adjustment to various areas of the loader.

Drake loaders offer a unique first-in/first-out handling method minimizing recirculation of product.

This unit’s intermediate conveyor inspection flights are made of rugged stainless steel, as is most of the machine, making this the toughest loader on the market.

(*May require collator flight inserts, subject to final specification analysis.)

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