The Drake model CS-900 integrates into a corn dog batter/frying line. The unit automatically feeds cooked and peeled sausages onto a continuous moving flighted conveyor belt.  At this point, product is presented to the auto-skewer section of the corn dog fryer.

Skinless, cooked and chilled frankfurters from 16 to 32mm in diameter are within the acceptable standards.  This Drake Loader aligns product on the fryer conveyor at up to 26 hot dogs per index, resulting in the processing of 16,000 pieces/hour.  Thus, meeting the fryer’s speed and product supply requirements. An elevating supply conveyor may be added to this system to feed product into the CS-900.

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Read the Model CS-900 Loader Brochure (PDF)

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The CS-900 Corndog Loader in action (11.3mb, mpg)


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