The Drake model CSS-1800 is our newest and most sanitary collator style high speed frankfurter loader.

The CSS-1800 features our new sani-chain collator, with easy to remove collator flights.  Areas of the loader that could only be cleaned infrequently can now be cleaned daily.

In addition, the CSS-1800 has a lower profile than our standard CS-1800 loader, which makes it even easier for your cleaning crew to reach more areas of the machine.

It can load up to 1,800 pieces per minute of a 5” long (127mm) product with a 98% fill rate.

All Drake frankfurter loaders feature touch screen controls that allow for easy addition of new recipes and rapid adjustment to various areas of the loader.

The Drake collator style loader offers a unique first-in/first-out handling method minimizing recirculation of product.

For delicate product, pneumatic hinge gates are optional.

(The sani-chain collator is also available as a stand-alone retrofit for CS-1800 loaders.)

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