Drake Loaders

As a part of the cylindrical food production line, Drake equipment is integrated immediately prior to packaging. Product is aligned at speeds up to 1,800 pieces per minute, depending on your needs. Technology links the loader to the packaging machine cueing advancement or indexing when the correct number of product layers is placed into the die pockets.
Robotic, Collator, or Launcher style standard models are customized to enable flexible film, can, tray, box, and jar loading. Versatile modular heads group the product, precisely position, and automatically load into the formed pockets of the packaging machine. A variety of pocket configurations may be served by quickly and easily changing loading heads. Please see below to determine the best loader for your application.

Robotic Models

  • Used primarily for natural casing sausages; skinless, soft sausages; chubs; and salamis
  • 180-1,200 pieces per minutes based on production line needs
  • 120-200mm product length
  • Diameter range: 14-44mm
  • Robotic systems gently place product into packaging. High speed end of arm tooling (EOAT) tooling robot has a 3kg payload with high quality surfaces and food grade lubrication.
  • Reduced Human Contact–Sanitary conditions improve exponentially
  • Optimal Sanitary Design -100% Wash Down IP67-69 certified
  • Metric tooling
  • Touch screen controls
  • CE approved

Collator Style

  • Used primarily for loading hot dogs 
    at very high rates of speed in 1 or 2 
    in-feed lanes of product
  • Maximum speeds of 1,800 pieces per minute (PPM)
  • “First In, First Out” handling
  • Diameter range: 12mm to 32mm
  • 98% to 99%+ fill rate
  • Patented loading head technology with quick changeover modules
  • Loads product with or without casing
  • Touch screen controls
  • CE approved

Launcher Style

  • Used primarily for more delicate products such as fresh cheese and soft hot dogs
  • Capable of loading in three infeed lanes of product.  Widely used in Europe.
  • Maximum speeds of 1,800 pieces per minute (PPM) on the 3-lane version;
    1, 2, and 3 lane versions available
  • Diameter range: 14mm to 32mm
    98%+ fill rate
  • New - CLXII loading head technology for faster product changeover
  • Loads product with or without casing
  • Touch screen controls
  • CE approved


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