The Drake LS-840 and LS-1250 entry-level loaders encompass all of the hygienic design benefits of Drake’s other Launcher Style loaders, but in a compact design ideal for mid-sized packaging lines.

The LS-840 is capable of loading up to 800 pieces per minute, while the LS-1250 is capable of loading up to 1200 pieces per minute. Both loaders can handle a variety of products up to 200mm in length (8 inches).

Designed with hygiene and safety in mind, all areas with moving parts are completely guarded. In addition, the unit can be taken apart and quickly cleaned.

Both the LS-840 and LS-1250 are extremely durable. All areas of the machine are driven by AC stainless steel motors that are totally enclosed to withstand the severe sanitation procedures used in RTE environments.

Multiple count and multiple layers are easily and quickly changed from one package size to another. The loader is designed to package both bulk and retail packages.

As with most Drake loaders, only one inspector is required on this machine, thus minimizing labor requirements on your packaging line.

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