Launcher Style Loaders

The Launcher style of loader is primarily used for the high-speed loading of more delicate products such as soft cooked sausages and fresh cheese sticks. Upon delivery to the unscrambler, product is gently aligned using launcher belts. During sanitation procedures, this equipment may be easily disassembled without tools in less than an hour. During an engineering consultation, your space and speed requirements are addressed with the design of your customized model.

  • Maximum Speeds of 1,800 Pieces per Minute 1, 2 and 3 lane Versions Available
  • Diameter range: 14mm to 32mm
  • 98%+ Fill Rate
  • New - CLXII Loading Head Technology for Faster Product Changeover
  • Loads Product with or without Casing
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • CE Approved
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