Robotic Loaders

Firm to soft, multi-diameter product is gently transported and placed into packaging. Drake Robotics provide loading solutions for products like natural casing sausage that may be damaged using traditional mechanical methods. High speed end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT)) with high quality surfaces and food grade lubrication. This tooling accommodates product variation such as curvature and a variety of consistencies. With the reduction of human contact, sanitary conditions improve exponentially. Recipes are quickly changed with easy-to-operate Allen Bradley Touchscreen controls. The stainless steel open frame and robot withstand 100% sanitary wash down used in RTE environments.

    • Optimal IP67-69 Certified Sanitary Design
    • 200-1,200 Pieces per Minute Based on Production Line Needs
    • Allen Bradley Touchscreen Controls
    • Metric Tooling
    • Operates Independent of a Vision System
    • Conforms to CE Requirements
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