If you produce any of the following, then Drake has a loading solution for you

  • Alternative Protein Sausages
  • Soft Skin Frankfurters
  • Delicate Sausages
  • MDM based product

Drake has loading technology designed to suit your unique needs.

We have developed our own stainless steel Centrifugal (bowl) Feeder loader, which is designed for food industry wash down, and is great for delicate or alternative protein product.

In addition, we manufacture several Launcher style loaders that have a proven track record of handling delicate product.

Both the Centrifugal Feeder loader and the Launcher style loaders can be paired with a robotic loading head for even gentler product loading.

Plus, our traditional Collator and Launcher style loaders can better handle your product by utilizing a Direct-Transfer Head or Air Actuated Hinge Gates.

All of these loading options reduce product breakage, especially for MDM-based proteins.

We have been designing and manufacturing food loaders since 1979. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

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