Upgrade your current CS-1800 loader by replacing your current collator with the even more sanitary Sani-Chain Collator featuring removable flights.

Sanitary – removable collator flights allow your cleaning staff to easily clean the collator. Zero sandwiched areas between cam assemblies.

Easy – insert the flights for the diameter product you want to run. Remove them when you want to change product or clean.

Stainless – stainless steel servo motor and gearbox mean less safety covers to worry about misplacing.

Fast – production speed equal to your current Drake loader.

Quick – cut collator cleaning time in half.

Complete – remove your old collator and install the new Drake Sani-Chain collator. Everything is ready to go.

The Sani-Chain collator is designed so your current maintenance staff can install it with ease. Or, if you prefer, Drake staff can upgrade your installation.

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Read the Drake Sani-Chain Retrofit Collator Sales Sheet (PDF)

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