At Drake, we are always looking for new ways to satisfy our customers. One customer came to us asking for improved bearing life on their Launcher Style loader’s Unscrambler. Thus, we redesigned the Unscrambler nose, replacing the traditional ball bearings with dry running sleeves.

The result: A sanitary loader becomes even more sanitary!

The new dry running sleeves last longer than the traditional ball bearings, which is exactly what our customers wanted. In addition, food safety is improved by eliminating the potential for bearing grease to contaminate food product. Fasteners and trapped areas were also eliminated, which makes the loader much simpler to sanitize. We also added beds underneath the Unscrambler belts to keep product from falling through to the floor, which reduced product losses.

For an even more sanitary Launcher Style loader, or to learn more about any of our other loader upgrades, contact the Drake Sales Group.

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